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4 Responses to About

  1. Brian Geisler says:

    Dear Puck Nuts,

    As I type this MY Blue Jackets are beating the shit out of the Flyers. It’s awesome. It got me thinking about how I became a fan. My wife loves hockey and when we started dating the lock out happened. FUCK the Flyers scored, 2-1 now.

    So we watched our local ECHL team the Cyclones. I began to love the sport. Now she is an Avalanche fan and I couldn’t root for them so I chose a team I could watch regularly on TV and travel to see a game or two a year. I picked the Columbus Blue Jackets. They hadn’t been around that long at that point and were on TV. This past season I decided to be a better fan. So far I’ve only missed one game and even though they are not the best I love watching them. Hell yeah we won, brutal fucking game, but we got it.

    So why are you all fans of the Devils? I suspect the Jersey connection but what made you love the game?

    Bry your saying it wrong, it’s “The Red Wings eat NUTS!”

  2. Anthony Tatum says:

    You guys should do a one true three every week for the devils. have 3 facts about the devils one of which is true & the 1st correct answer from a listener can get a prize.

  3. Riley says:

    “The Red Wings eat NUTS!” Agree 100%

    I’ve just started listening to you guys; show’s great.
    Sunday Jeff and Ming know their devils. Walt.. not so much..
    Keep it up guys!

  4. Nick says:

    Leafs eat nuts too.

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