Broadcast Ming action figure

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9 Responses to Broadcast Ming action figure

  1. Biff Meister says:

    Cool. Sure, it’s quarter-scale and all, but is it collectible?

  2. EZ Gruv says:

    The figure came out great! That guy has talent.

  3. MattChance says:

    Those are so awesome. Though I’m not sure if that’s Short-Round – as you were quick to assume. Could be a Bruce Lee figure, perhaps?

    • @fitzman73 says:

      Nope, it’s Short Round from the Indy line that was out a couple years ago with a little extra sculpting and minus the removable part of the shirt.

  4. Another Classic figure. I think the dude, this colossal creator Fitz, needs to do a special collectopr if u collect all four points from all the pucknut figures (I’m assuming he will eventually do a Bry and Walt) in the same vein when in the 80’s you could collect points from GI Joes for a special Sgt Slaughter or REfrigerator Perry figure. That excusive figure should be either a Quinn Citibank Stadium sloshed figure with mini Horrified Stacy Patella, or a To Fat To Fly Kevin where he has an airplane around his waist.

    • @fitzman73 says:

      Oh, I’ve got plans for eventual “mail in” figures. One will be a Q, but the other I had in mind I’m keeping to myself. 🙂 That is as long as I can come up with a Bry figure, that one will be tough.

  5. Ian says:

    have the pucknuts thought about following this team for the summer

  6. jimmydash says:

    I just get such a positive vibe from you guys when it’s Sunday Jeff and Ming, and sometimes Walt, that i wish it was just you three with no Bry. Would make the three hats more relative too maybe. ????
    But it’s you guys’s show; you can do what you want to it, just like I can listen or not if I want to.
    It’s just tiring listening to Bry drag the show off the rails and Ming being so cautious about everything he says when Bry is on the show. It’s why i stopped listening to Tell Em Steve Dave. Bry has that show to do his thing on, and it’s what makes that show what it is. He really doesn’t need to make Puck Nuts into Tell Em Steve Dave every time he is on Puck Nuts too.

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