The Sunday Jeff Action Figure! (and the 3 hats…)

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10 Responses to The Sunday Jeff Action Figure! (and the 3 hats…)

  1. MattChance says:

    I usually don’t believe you guys when you say you’re going to post something, but that was definitely worth my time. I could think up accessories for a Walt action figure all day long.

    I still don’t fully get the concept of 3 hats, but at least your trying, Ming 😉

  2. I WANT ONE! I want the whole damn set!

  3. meltz911 says:

    Love Puck Nuts! The Sunday Jeff action figure is awsome.
    I’d like to hear (all of you) your predictions for the second round of the playoffs.
    Thanks for not giving up and sticking with the show through the end of the season.
    p.s. Go Wings!

  4. GeekyBaz says:

    I smell booty time!

  5. Ming, can u give advice about buying hockey gear for newbies like me?

  6. Cyprus Dave says:

    Love the show, but BRING BACK BRYAN!!!!!!!

  7. marty mcwilliams says:

    as above was wondering about jersey sizes.

  8. Jason Aiken says:

    This, an Alan Scott Green Lantern figure and a Jim Hammond Human Torch figure are on my want list as far as figures go.

  9. Bill La Rue says:

    Toy talk brought back memories of hunting for POTF Kenner crap. Good god, the lengths I went to find a fuckin’ Greedo or a short lightsaber in a long tray pack. I always hoped that one day I’d find a long lightsaber in a short tray pack, but to no avail.

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