The Puck Nuts and the Florida Panthers need your help!

The Puck Nuts and the Florida Panthers need your help!

The NHL and the Florida Panthers have pointed their finger squarely at the Puck Nuts and have asked us to help spread the word about their SELLOUT FOR CHARITY hockey game on January 11, 2011 vs the Washington Caps and their very hot 2011 Ice Dancer calendar.

All proceeds from the January 11th game and the Ice Dancer Calendar go to Charity.

To purchase a ticket to the January 11th, 2011 game:

* If you do not live in South Florida you can donate your ticket to local charities for use. *

1) Call 954-835-7223
2) Ask for Joe
3) Tell him the PUCK NUTS sent you!
4) E-Mail us at pucknuts(at)

To order an Ice Dancer Calendar and check out the photos of our favorite Ice Dancer (Melissa H., Brittany F., Courtney and Judy):

1) Order online at
2) Or call 954-835-PUCK
3) Calendar’s are $10 each or $20 signed.
4) E-Mail us at pucknuts(at)

Purchasers of a calendar or a ticket will receive a special podcast where Walt Flanagan will tell you what he REALLY thinks!

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18 Responses to The Puck Nuts and the Florida Panthers need your help!

  1. jon says:

    When’s the Bust-a-Nut calendar coming out?

  2. AdamS says:

    Great Charity! Would love to order a ticket and donate it, but phones costs to the US are insane from Germany…

    Any chance of ordering tickets online?

  3. That’s probably the only game the Panthers will ever sell out…
    Still, it’s a great cause. Big props to you for endorsing it!

  4. FairUseFlyer says:

    I’ve been through some bad seasons before, I know what its like. This Devils season reminds me of the one the Flyers had 4 years ago, when Forsberg was supposed to take them to the promised land, but they ended up missing the playoffs at the bottom of the East. It’s tough to be into hockey during rough times, it helps to have a rooting interest in another team. Maybe someone out west like Detroit. But, pimping the Florida Panthers? Come on. Now there’s a team that needs to be relocated to Canada, ice dancers and all.
    And Sunday Jeff doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hockey’s too fast and fluid for every game to be called perfectly. Every team in the league suffers occasional bad calls. After 82 games it all averages out and is relatively fair. Plus, the Devils are the whole reason the refs call the games the way they do know. All that late 90s trap shit. Thank god it’s gone.

  5. Mike Hawk says:

    Where are the submissions, and the winner for the puck nuts press photo contest?

  6. Jomer says:

    Is there any way for other countries to order the Ice Dancers Calendar? Specifically Canada? or is it exclusive to the U.S? Thanks Guys!

    • Doug says:

      I’m sure something can be worked out. I understand that the order form online does not have any international shipping options and we apologize for that.
      You can email me directly at:

      But you can also call 954-835-7000 to ask any of our sales reps and they should get you set up with a calendar.

  7. sabresfan says:

    For “How did you find out about this calendar?” Pucknuts should be added as a option or a “other” where you can write one in.

  8. JPM says:

    Oh-la-la! Calendar arrived today

  9. Matthew says:

    “Purchasers of a calendar or a ticket will receive a special podcast where Walt Flanagan will tell you what he REALLY thinks!”

    Yeah, just like with those Suzanne pics we all got for ordering!

  10. Miguel Pelayo says:

    Just got my calendar today! Why can’t supporting charities be like this all the time?

  11. Jarrod says:

    Finally ordered a signed calendar! Thanks for extending the deadline again. 🙂

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