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Puck Nuts #11

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The turning point in the 2009-2010 season

Walter and I talk the night the lights went out at The Rock on Jan 8, 2010. I think it’s pretty clear that event was a definite turning point: Prior to the event: Devils Record: 31-11 After the event: Devils … Continue reading

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The Busted Nuts for Episode #11

Please send all submissions to pucknuts(at) A special plea this week for some Bust-A-Nuts – ladies – please don a hockey jersey and send it in. The Busted Nuts that were sent in: Jason and the mask One Nut Matt

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Devils crush the Caps 5-0

Walt and I believe we saw a moment which signals a turning point in the season, and it’s not hockey related. Tune in to the next Puck Nuts.

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Puck Nuts #10: Busted Nuts

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Our new mascot to reverse the curse!

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The Puck Nuts Bust-a-Nuts and Busted Nuts for the week

Keep them coming ladies, gents and hockey fans! E-Mail entries to pucknuts(at) Scarlet: Scarlet M. A beautiful Leafs fan: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Busted Nuts!! Bronson Jas.

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